My name is Alex Ballweg, and my goal is to optimize production across your acres. I started New Age Ag Services in 2015 as an Encirca (now Granular Dealer.) Over the last 5 years I've added several additional services including Veris Mapping, soil sampling, and on demand crop scouting.

I come originally from a Wisconsin dairy farm. I graduated from Iowa State in 2003 with a degree in Agronomy. Before starting New Age Ag, I worked for several different Co-op's, seed and fertilizer dealers. These experiences taught me a lot about sales and the kind of service and support I want to bring to my own business. I am proud to bring 17 years of experience in agronomy to your operation. I am a certified CCA from Wisconsin and make continuing education and learning a priority and enjoy sharing what I do and working alongside my daughter, Veronica.