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Agronomy Services for Today

Veris Soil Mapping

I operate a Veris MSP3 to map soil electrical conductivity, soil pH, and organic matter. Collecting these data layers on a spatially dense scale allows you to unlock critical information for you decision making process and manage each acre at its fullest potential.

Collecting this information for your fields is much more precise than SURGGO soil maps created in the 1960's, and gives you an accurate look at the variability across your fields. We can use this information to create management zones for hybrid selection, population rates, and irrigation management.  

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is one of the most cost effective dollars spent in your operation. Soil sampling gives you the account balance of your field nutrients. We soil sample  both as directed zones or as grids ranging from 1.1 to 4.4 acres with the majority at 2.5 acre grids. This flexibility gives you the best snapshot of how your field nutrients vary with soil type, topography, and historical management so you can optimize each acre for the growing season. By sampling on a routine basis we are able to better understand what factors are limiting our yields or causing antagonisms. 

Soil sampling is really the basis for our long term management plans. Make the investment to give yourself a strong foundation for future cropping seasons. 

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Custom Plot Planting 

Our four row plot planter is perfect for seed dealers and growers alike. Interested in learning more about hybrids, seed treatments, or biologicals but find yourself running short on time each season? Want to gain valuable information each year but find yourself running up against the weather and the clock? Contract with us for custom plot planting on your acres!

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Custom Seeding

Coming soon!

We now offer custom seeding of wheat, cover crops, double crop beans, and early soybeans! Our 30 foot Case IH 550T Air Drill is set up on twin 15 inch rows and can seed 7.5 inch or 15 inch rows. 

Wanting to try cover crops but always facing the time crunch in the fall? Frustrated by poor seeding of wheat with an old drill?  Still busy harvesting wheat and need some help getting your double crop beans in? Contact us for custom seeding!


Cover Crop Seed

Excited to announce that now offer cover crops for sale as a dealer for Sustain Seed and Soil! We offer single seeds, targeted mixes and more! Come to us for all your cover crop needs.

Learn more about Sustain Seed and Soil:


Drone Scouting

We offer on demand drone scouting and imagery services. We use this technology to get a look at portions of the field that are hard to access in season, after wind or hail damage, and to help understand patterns you may see in your fields.

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Drone Scouting
Soil Sampling
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